Whenever some data is uploaded to a cloud website hosting account or downloaded using it, some web site traffic is generated and that is a characteristic that each hosting plan includes. It is also one of the characteristics you should check, since the amount of website traffic allowance you'll need depends upon what you need the account for. The traffic is mainly generated by downloads and this includes website visits. Essentially, whenever someone goes to your web site, the pages are downloaded from the server on his or her computer and they're subsequently shown by their web browser. It is also recommendable to be aware that uploads count too, which means that any time you transfer bigger files from your computer system to the server, some site traffic will be generated too. Different suppliers may have different names for this specific feature, for example traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however all of them apply to the exact same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing info produced for a particular period of time.

Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting

The monthly web site traffic quota for our cloud website hosting packages is sufficient for any type of website. Whether you have a blog, a community forum or electronic commerce portal, how much info will be transferred to and from your account or getting to some reduced allowance cap will never be a cause for your sites to be unavailable. Furthermore, we supply you with comprehensive site traffic statistics, so you will have the option to check how much data is being downloaded at any time. The hourly, daily and monthly numbers will give you an idea how your websites do, which files generate most of the website traffic and a lot more helpful info that can help you take care of your web sites plus the account altogether. The stats can be seen with just a few clicks in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

As our Linux semi-dedicated packages are pretty efficient, we've decided not to set any kind of limit for the monthly site traffic that a given account can produce. We believe that if you buy a web hosting plan that features a great deal of computing power, your web sites will probably have numerous visitors and as each and every visitor makes some website traffic, you could end up having unavailable web sites in case there was a limit for this particular feature. With truly unrestricted site traffic, you can be sure this won't happen. For your benefit, you'll be able to keep track of the data being downloaded as well as the website traffic that is generated for each domain with monthly, daily and hourly numbers that will give you an idea how popular your web sites are. You will be able to even see unique webpages and files that have made the most website traffic in your semi-dedicated account.

Monthly Traffic in VPS

All the Linux VPS packages that we supply have a monthly traffic allowance proportionate to the system resources they come with. The more disk storage space and computing power a server offers, the more likely it is you'll host more web sites on it, therefore the website traffic you're able to use increases with each plan. In case you need additional traffic at some point, you will be able to improve the plan from your billing Control Panel with no more than a couple of mouse-clicks and the additional resources, along with the higher traffic allowance, will be added to your account. You'll also be able to check what amount of data has been transferred to and from your virtual server any time. To be on the safe side, we will notify you as soon as you reach 90% of your quota so as to provide you with sufficient time to react and lower the site traffic or update the package if necessary. Through your control panel, you will be able to see the website traffic stats for every domain or subdomain in your VPS account.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated server, you'll have a very efficient website hosting solution at your disposal and the website traffic quota that you will get suits all of the other characteristics. Your server will be able to generate terabytes of website traffic monthly, so that irrespective of the kind or number of web sites that you host, you'll never need to worry for them being inaccessible as a result of insufficient website traffic. To be on the safe side though, we'll give you the opportunity to upgrade this feature if required. We will notify you well in advance if you get close to the limit, so you'll have the option to upgrade or lower your website traffic by optimizing your info to avoid any interruption of the work of your websites. You'll be able to view the used and remaining site traffic for the current month from the control panel that we supply. The info there contains all incoming and outgoing transfers, including software setups and / or updates. In comparison, a hosting Control Panel offers more detailed info, but only for the site traffic to and from a web host account, not the server altogether.